Looking to become ServSafe™ Certified?

We offer testing for ServSafe™ Food Protection Manager Certification Examination at our Brooklyn Bar & Grill Location by appointment only!

We have two proctors available, so we can offer larger group testing of up to 70 examinees. We prefer using the online test for simplicity. For any group of 2 or more examinees, you will need to bring your own laptop for testing, however if any cheating occurs, your test will be forfeited and you will need to leave the testing area. 

Pricing: (exam fee not included*)

$75/per person

For groups of 5 or more: $70/per person

We accept cash, credit and debit cards. Appropriate fees are associated with any credit or debit cards.

*Note: all exams need to be purchased by the examinee or examinee’s company before the testing date. In order to purchase the exam, you must head over to servsafe.com.

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